Become Prime

Become Prime

Who doesn’t like surprises? A free cup of cake, or the joy of having your favorite gift delivered a day early. The best things in life come with joy, they say. Think of all the reasons that make you happy while shopping at Postmygift.

At Postmygift, we attempt to make your shopping experience pleasant. From introducing lots of surprises on your membership, we have been transforming to make your shopping reasonable and pleasant. We have also implemented our very own customer benefits drive, which treats you to a little extra each time you shop with us.

Postmygift Prime Membership is developed for customer benefits which gives you extra benefits & discounts as you keep shopping with us. You can expose a host of benefits and rewards, among them are a variety of shipping benefits, early access to offers, and priority customer support. Further, Postmygift prime is an exclusive membership program which will ensure that PRIME members get substantially better benefits & rewards.

The best part? All these benefits are worth Rs. 999. Further it doesn’t stop here. You can earn more & more benefits. Prime membership will be your virtual assistant which will please your shopping experience by availing you maximum shopping benefits and will keep updating the prime members with new & upcoming offers.

All Postmygift Prime members will also receive multiple benefits like huge discounted rates on various products, along with exclusive access to lightning deals. You can sometimes receive a discount as well by purchasing it with another item. The product detail page of the item will specifically mention if such a discount is available.At the end of the Postmygift Prime your chosen membership period will be charged automatically/manually for the next membership period.

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